It is time to get serious about what is poisoning Lake Erie

“Hard to imagine a more perilous time for the Trump Administration to abandon efforts that protect & restore our Great Lakes.”

You may have heard me quote that tweet from Marcy Kaptur during the morning newscasts. The congresswoman’s comment came after a leaked draft of the proposed EPA budget showed funds for Lake Erie clean-up would be cut from $300 million to $10 million.

But, while calling the proposed cuts “wrongheaded,” Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie (ACLE) say the cuts will have negligible impact on finding who is responsible for Lake Erie’s toxic algae blooms and holding them accountable.

Now why is that?

In a news release today, Mike Ferner (who now lends his advocacy gifts to ACLE) says “what’s poisoning Lake Erie is primarily an excess of nutrients, 85% from agriculture and we suspect, most of that from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).” And he says finding out who and what is responsible for Lake Erie’s toxic algae has not been a funding priority of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

I have interviewed Mike on the topic and I believe he knows what he is talking about. We must make it a priority to identify the polluters and hold them accountable.

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