Portion of Roof Gone from Cherry Street Mission Ministries

During the recent high wind storm, Cherry Street’s Life Revitalization Center had a significant portion of the roof blow off.  During the storm the wind peeled away a portion of the roof, resulting in over $500,000 worth of damage.  During the event no one was injured and ministry programs have not yet been impacted.

Right now programming and services are going on as usual.  However, Cherry Street is one rain shower away from utter devastation.  Cherry Street doesn’t like to use emergency language or threats or manipulation.  However, in this case it truly is an emergency.  Cherry Street is sending an appeal alerting the public to this emergency and the dire need.  Cherry Street is pursuing all options and is awaiting a reply from the insurance company. In the meantime, the roof needs to be addressed immediately.    

For almost 72 years, Cherry Street has kept their doors open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year- to provide the basic needs to those living in poverty and life transformative opportunities.  Cherry Street is fulfilling the promise to provide basic needs and transformative opportunities, but is seeking the community’s help and partnership. 

Financial donations can be provided through the website at www.cherrystreetmission.org or mailed to Cherry Street Mission Ministries, 105 17th Street Toledo OH 43604.