The time is right for Disabilities Dialog

The time right for the discussion to take center stage. “What would it take for the Toledo area to be named the most disability-friendly community in the United States?”

That’s the question that will be driving the discussion in a series of upcoming community forums hosted by the Ability Center. Tim Harrington, Director of the Ability Center, said the goal is for “meaningful dialog” on the issues that help individuals with disabilities to thrive – emotionally, physically, and socially.

What are these issues? Key among them are accessible housing, transportation, education, healthcare, and employment.

The Ability Center calls their awareness and engagement campaign Disability Dialog. And they are making it easy to share ideas and begin to prioritize action with several discussion boards on a new website.

Why should the general community get involved? Well, perhaps Mr. Harrington said it best at a news conference announcing the new campaign, “The real benchmark of how we measure a disabilities friendly community is how we care for one another.”

Posted in Developmental Disabilities.