Can anything be done about robocalls?

Does this scene ring true for you as it does for the Mitchells? It is supper time and the phone rings. Another aggravating robocall! And if misery loves company, we are not alone. During the first five months of this year, we Americans received no less than four billion robocalls!

Why is it that this pesky business cannot be curtailed?  Simply stated, the telemarketers have a lot going in their favor. As an article in Stateline points out, “the combined hurdles of technology, economics and geography make the job difficult.”

Geography? Yes! Many of the robocalls originate from overseas, making enforcement incredibly problematic.

And the Federal Communication Commission concedes the “Do Not Call” list does not work. That’s because so many of the robocallers do not follow the law.

Many states are increasing fines. But, the profit margin is so huge, the risks are apparently worth taking.

Is there nothing that can be done? Right now, the best defense would be to install blocking software such as nomorobo?   It may be, that in time technology will be our savior, much as it is with the floods of spam email.

In the meantime, the robocallers have our numbers.

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