Chuck Ealey Undefeated Spirit Initiative

For almost 15 years, the spotlight has been shining on individuals who, like Chuck Ealey, see adversity and challenges in their lives as opportunities to discover and embrace their undefeated spirit to better themselves and their communities – one play at a time! If you don’t know his remarkable story – read about it on our website.  If you do, you know that it has been his actions both on and off the field that, still today, inspire so many!  Beginning in 2008, when the first UT Rockets were recognized and since 2012, when the undefeated spirits of almost 200 area high school students have been revealed, Mr. Ealey and his Undefeated Spirit Foundation have celebrated young men and women for their integrity and infinite spirit.  It’s time to add a few others!!

The year 2020 is one that tested and challenged our health, our hearts, and our spirits. We have designed this recognition program to identify 2,020 (or more) Undefeated Spirits – that’s right, over 2,000 individuals who, throughout the year, chose not to allow circumstances to defeat their spirits.  They work for you. They work with you. They live next door, down the street and across the nation!

The effort is launching in Toledo, but we are inviting everyone regardless of their address to tell us about the child,  the teenager, the college student, the first responder, the medical professional, the teacher, maybe the restaurant owner, the maintenance or food service person…anyone whose spirit inspired others to not give in or give up during these trying times. The countdown is on (seriously, check the website) and that’s where we need YOU!

Chuck Ealey never lost a game at QB in high school at Portsmouth, Ohio’s Notre Dame High School. In college at The University of Toledo, he quarterbacked the team and again, never lost a game despite many hardships. He ended his career with a record of 35-0 – yet to be replicated in the 50 years that have followed his college graduation.  Chuck went on to star in the Canadian Football League and in his first year as a professional he and his teammates won the Grey Cup (Canada’s version of the Super Bowl).  Chuck Ealey would be the first person to tell you the Undefeated Spirit is NOT about him – rather, an Undefeated Spirit is something that resides in each of us. He is often heard reflecting that, “Something in life will challenge everyone whether it is a job, health, family situation, even through our education. We will all face difficult times and tough days – we will all be tested.”

The Undefeated Spirit that Chuck Ealey exemplifies and empowers in others is about facing life’s difficulties with steely resolve and determination. Never quitting, never giving-up; getting-up off of the floor against the odds. Chuck has beaten the odds his entire life and has chosen to model his life choice – his Undefeated Spirit, with everyone.  

Due to travel restrictions, he remains indefinitely in the Toronto area!  During college, he wore jersey #16, thus we felt the date of February 16th symbolic!  It will be on this date that the portal will become active on for people to begin recognizing others.  It is important that we also stress that this is neither a contest or a fundraising venture.  It truly is an effort by Chuck Ealey to recognize the Undefeated Spirits of 2,020 deserving individuals (or many more!)