Global Show of Support for Lake Erie Bill of Rights

A letter of support “for the Lake Erie Bill of Rights and the vision it articulates” has been signed by over 500 (and counting) individuals and organizations. Messages of support have poured in from across the United States and around the world, including from Canada, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France, and England.

So far, notable endorsements include the Ho-Chunk Nation,  Notre Affaire à Tous, Movement Rights, local and state networks within the National Community Rights Network, James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, Vermont National Lawyers Guild, Great Lake Commons, We the People Michigan, Familias Unidas Por La Justicia, Greenpeace USA, participants in the Earth Law Center and Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania, Karenna Gore with Center for Earth Ethics, Dr. Alessandro Pelizzon, artist Andrea Bowers, Valerie Cabanes, Youth, teachers, lawyers, farmers,  academics, psychologists, nurses, librarians, spiritual leaders, biologists, business owners, and Rights of Nature activists, and Marie Toussaint (a member of the European Parliament), are among the signatories. And the list continues to grow.

“It is heartwarming to read the comments from people all over the world who support our people’s passed law to protect Lake Erie, we would like to see Judge Zouhary support it too, next Tuesday,” stated Ariel Grube from Toledoans for Safe Water.

Toledoans for Safe Water would now like to invite everyone to read and sign in support of LEBOR and the Rights of Nature Movement on our website at

The sign-on form can also be found at //