London’s Old Time Radio Page

From time to time I'll reach into my archives of old time radio and select one of my favorites to share.

Wizard of OZ  This 1950 broadcast of the Lux Radio Theater follows very closely the 1939 script from the movie. Stars Judy Garland.

Miracle of 34th Street This the December 20, 1948 broadcast of the Lux Radio Theater; the radio version starring Edmund Gwenn of Miracle on 34th Street.

War of the Worlds For many, Halloween is defined by Orosn Welles' Mercury Theater presentation of "War of the Worlds."  This is an aircheck of the original broadcast from October 30, 1938.

Pride of the Yankees  A year after the film "Pride of the Yankees" was released in 1942, a radio adaptation starring Gary Cooper was presented on the Lux Radio Theater.

Burns and Allen  A couple years ago I was involved in a recreation of this 1949 episode of Burns and Allen. It took me a while to find a recording of this episode and I apologize for the sound quality, but I'm sure you'll find it a great example of vintage George and Gracie.

BobBaileyYours Truly, Johnny Dollar  Toledo native Bob Bailey was the voice of Johnny Dollar in the mid-1950s. These were the fast-paced adventures of an insurance investigator with the "action-packed expense account." In this presentation, The McCormack Matter, we have all five episodes that played out nightly during the week of October 3, 1955.

Jazz Singer  For many many years, Al Jolson was billed as the "World's Greatest Entertainer." Here is another feature from the Lux Radio Theater. This time we go back to 1947 for The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson.

BickersonsThe Bickersons  I have added one of my favorite comedies, The Bickersons. This 1947 episode of  Dream Time features special guest Danny Thomas. The comedy sketch with Don Ameche and Francis Langford happens in the second half of the broadcast.

Gunsmoke  Arguably, one of the best produced dramas was Gunsmoke. The western ran for 9 years on CBS starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon. We have here the first episode in the series, from 1952.

HornetThe Green Hornet  My fascination with The Green Hornet stems from my father's boyhood memories of listening to the masked crime fighter hunting bad guys "even the G-Men cannot reach." This episode dates from September 1941.