Republic Services reminds residents about proper recycling

Increase in compost materials being mixed with recycling results in contamination

As seasons change, residents throughout Lucas County and surrounding areas are cleaning up their yards. Subsequently, Republic Services has noticed an increase in yard waste mixed with recycling materials.

Republic Services encourages residents to be mindful of what items are placed in recycling bins. In recent weeks, there’s been an increase of compost materials and yard waste incorrectly mixed with recycling items. By placing compost material or yard waste in recycling bins, residents are accidentally contaminating recyclable material. As a result of this contamination, otherwise recyclable items must be sent to the landfill.

It’s important to remember that the following items cannot be recycled: plastic film and bags, food waste, yard waste, wood debris, construction debris, packaging materials, clothing and bulky items. Residents who are unsure of which items should not be placed in recycling bins can visit your local City or Township website. For additional recycling information and helpful recycling tips, visit

Republic Services appreciates residents’ dedication to keeping Toledo and the surrounding communities beautiful by recycling.