Things to consider before making a charitable donation

Michael left a horrible scene of destruction in its path. We see the devastation and we want to help. For most of us that means making a charitable donation. Unfortunately, tragedies like this not only bring forth heroes, but scoundrels, as well. These are the scammers with phony charities trying, literally, to cash in on someone’s sorrow.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has published a list of clues that could indicate a scam charity:

  • High-pressure tactics.
  • No details about how contributions will be used.
  • No written information about the charity, its mission, or how it operates.
  • Requests for payment to an individual, rather than an organization.
  • Someone who offers to pick up donations immediately.
  • Requests for donations via cash or gift card.
  • Callers who ask for donations but don’t identify themselves and won’t provide written information about the cause.

And even if you have determined the charity is legitimate, find out before donating just how the money will be used. You may want your donation to go to a different cause.

And, if donating online, remember to ask how the website will use your personal information.

Here are a couple of resources for you.  Ohio Attorney GeneralBetter Business Bureau.

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